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What brides should wear in 2016 to look trendy and stylish

Wedding dress

2016 is already here so if you are planning to get married this year, then you should know what are the trends when it comes to bridal wear. All the big designs have already launched their collections and I must admit, I saw some amazing wedding dresses. So what should you wear on your wedding day in order to be both trendy and stylish? Here are the main trends for 2016.

1. Like we've seen in many collections, light colors are the must have of 2016 when it comes to wedding dresses. And since there are two pastels colors that are representing 2016, this trend doesn't come as a surprise. So if you want to be fashionable even on your wedding day you should choose a light pink or blue dress, a silver one, a nude one or a taupe one.

2. When it comes to materials I must say that I am so glad to tell you that in 2016 brides will be wearing a lot of lace. This beautiful and elegant fabric is perfect for your special day, either you are having a dress made entirely from lace or you choose to go for details made from lace or maybe sleeves.

3. One of the main trends in fashion for 2016 is the use of layers. So if you want to buy a trendy wedding dress, make sure you find one that has some layers. Designers are overlaying heavier, glamorous materials with some other fabrics that are lighter to create a beautiful effect but if you are not into this kind of design, you can simply wear a bolero or a shrug that you can take off at the reception.

Wedding dress

4. For those brides who are looking to stand out in a more nonconformist way, designers have created some outfits that are really special. Let's start with the two piece dress that I think is so beautiful and creative and is a great alternative to a normal wedding dress. These kind of dresses give you more choices when it comes to covering up your versus showing more skin and will make any bride look feminine and fresh. Also if you are looking for a two piece outfit I suggest you take a look at some suits that have trousers and blazers. This is indeed a different choice but if a dress is not really what you want, then you can still feel good and sexy in something that represents your personality.

5. Being different is something that most of us want, and that's good. And this year, it seems that choosing an outfit that represents you personality and your passions is what many brides and grooms choose. So be adventurous and choose something different if you really what to stand out.

So are you ready for your wedding day? What kind of dress would you like to wear? I think that no matter what the trends are, you should always choose a dress that will represent your style and your personality, a dress that is also comfortable and makes you feel confident. Make sure you check out the pictures for the gallery below to see some trendy wedding dresses that you can wear in 2016!

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