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How to wear the floral and stripes trend in 2016

Floral and stripes

In 2016, two prints are the trendiest: the floral print and the striped print. Of course, you can wear them separately in many very fashionable ways, but have you ever thought about wearing them together? Well, this spring and summer is the time to wear these prints in the same outfit and let me tell that you are bound to look amazing.

When I first heard about this printed combo I was like "I don't know, do they really work together?" but after reading some fashion magazines and blogs I found out more about this combination, so today I want to share with you what I found out.

There are many ways you can combine the floral print with the striped print and like you will see in the gallery below, they actually look great together. Let's start with a simple outfit: skirt and top. Floral skirts are so trendy right now and paired with a striped top or blouse will help you create the cutest outfit. The stripes on the top should be black or navy blue and they both go great with a floral print. Of course, you can wear them the other way around, a striped skirt and a floral blouse. If skirts are not your thing, you can also choose a pair or printed pants.

Also you can use both prints to create beautiful accents in an outfit. For example you can wear a striped dress and match it with a floral bag and some floral shoes. This will bring that pop of color and personality to any outfit.

So are you ready to mix and match and have fun this spring and summer? Check out the gallery below to see some trendy and fresh floral and striped outfits that I hope will inspire you too!

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