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The "New York" bridal collection by Inbal Dror

The season of the spring weddings is about to begin so if you are planning one, then I think I found some dresses that you are going to love. Created by the Israeli designer Inbal Dror, these amazing wedding gowns are, like the designer itself describes them "bold, regal and sultry" and are perfect for those brides who want to look amazing on their wedding day. The collection is called New York and is made from dresses that have sensual silhouettes and beautiful textures. When it comes to fabrics, Inbal Dror used many modern materials and techniques, like silk tulle or a metallic organza that was 3D printed. The colors used match perfectly with the ones that are in the trends this year, so you will see some beautiful vanilla, champagne and ivory dresses.

The New York collection is made for those women who want to step out of their comfort zone and become a more fierce and confident version of herself. It is sexy, it has sheer-cup corsets and deep v-necklines that will make any woman feel both beautiful and bold.

To see some of my favorite dresses from the New York collection by Inbal Dror take a look at the gallery below.

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