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Spectacular summer wedding bouquets

Summer is a spectacular time to get married because of the beautiful weather and the multitude of ideas you can use for you reception. There are many flowers that you can choose from to use in your bouquet and your centerpieces, so we want to show you some ideas that we hope will inspire you.

To create the perfect bouquet for a summer wedding, there are some things that you should consider. First you must think about your style. Choose a bouquet that represents you, it can be colorful or pastel, big or small, classic or modern. If you are a petite person, you must have a small bouquet and if you are tall, you can opt for a bigger one. Next you have to think about the color scheme, so your bouquet matches the colors you've chose for your reception. Go with seasonal flowers and hues and don't be afraid to experiment.

And if you need some inspiration for your summer wedding bouquet check out the pictures from the gallery below.

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