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Inspiring ideas for a perfect Christmas themed wedding (part 1)

Having a winter wedding can be something really special and beautiful. But how about having a Christmas themed wedding? It is the perfect choice if you are getting married in the winter time and you also love Christmas.

To organize the perfect Christmas wedding is really not that hard, but you must think about some details that will let all your guests know which is the theme of your wedding. First of all, you need to have a big and beautiful Christmas tree in the room where you have your reception. You can make globes for the Christmas tree in which you can put pictures with you and your partner but also other cute hand made decorations. The centerpieces for the tables are also really important, and you can use fir branches and leaves of poinsettia.

When it comes to favors, you can choose to give many things like Christmas ornaments, snow globes, cupcakes, tea, candy canes or cookies. Put some special winter flowers in your bouquet and make sure that your wedding cake is also inspired by this beautiful holiday. Of course you must put some mistletoe so you and your loved one share a romantic kiss.

And if you need some inspiring ideas, please make sure you check out the pictures from the gallery below.

Photo source: Pinterest

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