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Galia Lahav 2016 "Ivory Tower" bridal collection

The most important thing for every bride is to have a beautiful dress that will make her feel like a princess on her wedding day. And that's exactly what Galia Lahav thought about when she created the Ivory Tower collection.

Galia Lahav

Known for her sensual yet elegant bridal dresses, this designer has created a collection inspired by the medieval fashion, full of low backs, statement necklines and of course, cathedral trains that will make any bride look regal.

Galia Lahav
Galia Lahav

There are eleven gorgeous Galia Lahav Haute Couture wedding dresses each having a beautiful, feminine name: Victoria, Julianna, Elizabeth, Dianne, Gwen, Delphine, Aurora, Flavia, Adeline and Roxanne. Ten of them have a low back and are made to fit one type of silhouette. So after you have decided what kind of dress you would like to wear, all you need to do is find the one that fits you.

For example, Elizabeth is a slim fitted dress, covered in delicate lace and with silver straps that are embroidered. I personally like dresses that are made from satin or silk, so if you like them too you should go for Juliana or Diana. And like I told you yesterday, in 2016 the two piece wedding dress is very trendy, so if that's what you are looking for then take a look at Morgan.

To see just how beautiful these dresses really are, take a look at the gallery below!

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