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Delicate centerpieces for a spring wedding

In the spring time you have so many beautiful flowers to choose from, so it's very simple to create a delicate floral centerpiece for your wedding reception. Even though there are many ideas on how to create a classic centerpiece, we suggest you try a more modern approach. To do so, try thinking outside the box. For example, you can forget about the flower vases and go instead for other containers like a flower pot or a watering can. Also a very popular ideas is to use a bird cage instead of the flower vase, adding other little details like ladybugs and butterflies.

To create the perfect spring wedding centerpiece you should opt for pastel colors, for the flowers and the containers as well. Also try to bring elements from the nature, like pieces of wood that you can use as number tables, pine cones or leaves.

In the gallery below you will find some of our favorite ideas that we hope will inspire you, too.

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