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Creative ideas for your summer wedding

Summer weddings are the best! The weather is perfect and there are so many ideas all around that can inspire and help you create the perfect wedding. So if are planning a summer wedding, than we have some suggestions for you!

Inspiration for a summer wedding

Let's start from the beginning

A summer wedding should be a colorful and fun celebration of love. So when you pick the location for your wedding, think about the colors and the decorations you are going to use. Also keep in mind that you can pick a theme for your summer wedding. The most popular themes are garden party, a day at the beach or a marine theme. No matter what you choose, it should be something that represents your personality. Bring a lot of color by using beautiful summer flowers and other decorations like candles, picture frames or pompons. Here is a cute tip: serve you guests some ice cream when they arrive especially if your wedding is outside.

Dress to impress

On your wedding day you should feel comfortable and happy so choose a dress that represents you but also will not be too big or too hard to carry around. Think about the hot weather also when you choose your shoes. You can wear heels at the ceremony but at the party switch them with a pair of flats or sandals. Don't forget about the veil and if you want to look really special, wear some flowers in your hair.

Food, cake, drinks and...favors?

All of these are very important and they will play a big role in your wedding. Choose a lighter menu since the hot weather is not a friend of the appetite. The cake should be creative and overall delicious but not something with heavy, buttery creams, but something natural, maybe with fruits. Have fun with the drinks and prepare a summer punch for your guests. When it comes to the favors, it should be something that ties up with your theme. You can give you guests a candle, a small succulent plant in a tiny pot, a bottle opener or a fan to keep the hot air away.

Whatever you choose, make sure you are having fun on your wedding day and don't stress about the little details. And if you need some inspiration, you will find in the gallery below some very creative ideas for your summer wedding!

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