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18 ideas for a special winter wedding

Even though winter is the coldest season of all, that doesn't mean you can not have a beautiful wedding when the snow falls and everything is white.

Winter weddings can be magical

On the contrary, winter weddings are some of the most beautiful celebrations. White is not only the color of purity and peace, but also the one color that best represents a bride. So if decided you want to have a wonderland winter wedding, here are some ideas for you.

White is so beautiful, classy and elegant but remember that too much white is not very pleasant for the eye. Use beautiful pastel colors like pink, yellow an green to create the perfect decor. You can incorporate them into your bouquets, centerpieces, decorations and favors. For the bouquet of the bride you can opt for an all white one or you can go for a very colorful one, that will bring a touch of color. Shoes and jewelry are also a great way to add color to you look.

The cake is a very important part of the wedding, so choose a beautiful white cake with delicate touches, that will complete your winter wonderland theme. The favors can be candles, little cakes like macaroons or why not a special globe that the guests can hang in their Christmas tree.

The two colors that go great with white are silver and gold. Any of these combinations will help you create a glamorous and beautiful wedding, a true fairy tale. Red is also a color to consider, especially because it's the color of love and goes great with white.

Having a winter wedding can be difficult but with a little imagination, you can put together a beautiful celebration of your love. And if you need some ideas, check out the gallery below where we have gathered some beautiful ideas that we hope will inspire you.

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