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How to have a healthier and happier life in 5 simple steps

We all want to be fit and healthy but to achieve this great life we need to take some steps that will improve our life and out state of mind. That's why today I want to tell you more about how you can have that wonderful life that you desire by taking these 5 steps.

1. Drink plenty of liquids

During the day, our body loses a lot of water so it's more than important to stay hydrated. So your first focus should be drinking as much water every day. You can also drink tea and natural fruit and veggie juices, or even use a water infuser. Not only you will feel more energized, but you skin will also look so much better.

Drink water

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2. Get the right amount of sleep

After a day at the office or at school, we tend to stay late to watch TV or play on the computer without thinking just how important sleep is for our body and our mind. The lack of sleep often translates into the lack of energy that we feel the next day and the worst part is that we try to get our energy level back up by drinking coffee and energy drinks that are really bad for our bodies.

3. Exercise more

Many of us work in offices and tend to sit down a lot so exercising a few times a will really make the difference. Here are some benefits of working out: you lower the chance of having a heart disease, you can lose weight, increase you bone and muscle density and of course improve your every day life. If you don't like to exercise, you can run or walk or buy a bike.

Exercise more

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4. Eat fruit and vegetables

Nutritionists recommend that we eat 5 portions of fruit and vegetables every day and that's because they have a lot of benefits for our bodies. Both fruit and veggies have plenty of vitamins and minerals that will keep you healthy and full of energy. If you can't eat them as they are, you can always make them into a delicious juice or a smoothie.

5. Keep your house clean

There are many things in our home that can affect our health, like the dust that we breath in every day. Keeping our homes clean will improve our health and will make us feel better. So take a day every week to clean every corner of your home.

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