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How to have a happier and healthier life in just 9 simple steps

Many of us live a life full of pleasures, eating everything we want, drinking and going late to bed, but in time, this lifestyle affects us very much. Going from an unhealthy lifestyle to a more healthy and balanced one can be difficult but we have some 60 seconds tricks that will help you with the transition and will make your life easier. So here they are:

1. Brush your teeth with a dry toothbrush: using no paste and no water, brush your teeth for about 30 seconds. This will reduce 60% of the plaque and the risk of bleeding gums. After 30 seconds, wash normally.

2. Perform exercises for the face: they will work wonders on a tired face. For a minute, go in front of a mirror and make different faces, open your mouth wide or pull your jaw muscles. This will help you with your mobility and a result you will be more expressive.

3. Practice your hearing: this exercise will bring long term benefits. Here is how it works: try to listen music while talking to people or doing other activities. At first, keep the volume low and talk while listening to the music to see if you can concentrate at what other people are saying and the background instruments.

4. Learn to learn: short term memory means a healthy life style. To exercise it, try to memorize the codes written on bills. Look at them for 30 seconds and then try to reproduce them.

5. Remember what you ate: this will help you stay away from those unhealthy snacks you keep eating. The lunch is very important so you should know what you ate. Studies have shown that people who remember what they had for lunch, consume 30% less food at diner.

6. Think for a minute: it's essential! Do you know how we just tend to rush into everything, like when we have to make a decision? Just pause for a minute and think. This can change your life for good.

7. Wear socks to bed: if you have problems falling asleep and you are one of those people who stay awake counting sheep, than take 30 seconds and put on a pair of socks. It was proved that people wearing socks fall asleep faster and have better dreams.

8. Buy yourself some flowers: did you know that by looking at flowers every morning, your entire mood will change? So either you receive or buy yourself some flowers, you are bound to have a good day!

9. Chew more, you'll weigh less: replace that morning orange juice with a whole orange. This way you will consume fewer calories by 20 % and also will also save you some money. The same with chewing: the more you chew your food before swallowing, the less you will eat.

As you can see, it's very easy to adopt a healthy life style. Drink water, use the stairs instead of the elevator, laugh as much as you can and follow the 9 steps above!

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