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Tricep workouts for women and men

Working out your triceps is a good thing for both women and men. Either you want to get rid of those jiggly pieces that you can see on the flip sides of your biceps or you want to have super-sized arms, the best thing that you can do is working on your triceps instead of your biceps. BJ Gaddour, a fitness advisor from Men’s Health give us the explanation: "“Your triceps comprise more than two-thirds of your upper-arm mass. So building thicker, more developed triceps muscles makes your entire arms look more like shotguns than pistols.”

Also you must know that the triceps play a very important role in some of the exercises that we do all the time like pushups and bench presses. So it makes sense we work on this area more building not only our strength but also our looks.

To help you get your triceps in shape, here are two workout videos that are very popular on YouTube.

1. Triceps workout for women from Super Sister Fitness:

2. Triceps workout for men from Six Pack Shortcuts

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