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Transform your body with 10-minute workouts every day

Exercising 10 minutes every day will help you more than you think. This way you will lose calories but also you will activate the metabolism, stimulate the bowl and get rid of the extra weight faster. Either you like to walk for 10 minutes or jump the rope, studies have shown that doing sport every day for the same amount of time, is great for your body. If you want to test this theory, we have some suggestions for you.

Exercise every day!

Jump: do jumping jacks for 10 minutes!They're fun, you do not need any special equipment and can burn up to 100 calories in 10 minutes. If you are not used with the effort, take little breaks between sets but we suggest you devote 10 minute exclusively to jumping (breaks not included).

Running in place: at least 10 minutes a day or whenever you take a break from what you do around the house, run in place. In just 5 minutes you can consume 45 calories!

Dance: turn on the TV on a music station and start dancing! You can burn up to 60 calories in 10 minutes but also you will fell happier because of the music.

Jumping rope: can you believe that you can burn 730 calories just by jumping rope for an hour? And it's also a lot of fun. Buy one or borrow it from your kids, and enjoy ten minutes of energized exercise.

The elliptical trainer: many people have one in their homes, but few are using it. Just 10 minutes of training will help you lose 130 calories, depending on the intensity.

The 10 minutes workout

• 10 squats (for thighs and buttocks)

• 10 push-ups (for arms and chest)

• 10 sit-ups (for upper abdomen)

• 10 lifting your legs lying on the back (for lower abdominal)

• 10 jumping jacks (for calves and thighs)

• 10 linkage peaks (calves)

• 10 lunges on each leg (thigh and posterior)

Don't hurry with your exercises but if you finish before the 10 minutes, start from the top. No matter how busy or lazy you are, take 10 minutes every day to do a little sport. You will feel and look better!

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