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Punching bag workout

The heavy bag or the punching bag is a classic piece of sport equipment that helped a lot of professional athletes in their careers and can also help you. There are a lot of workouts that you can try, that will get you back in shape in no time.

The punching bag is a stuffed leather or vinyl bag, that can have a weight between 40 and 100 pounds and is used most of the time by boxers to build the power of their punching. To be able to punch it you will need strength and stamina, so be prepared to work.

You might think that such a simple piece of equipment will not bring you too many benefits but you are wrong. Here are some of the benefits of a punching bag workout:

• it increases your power, your aerobic fitness, your core stability and your coordination

• it develops your self defense skills and improves your boxing technique

• it is a low cost activity that improves your body shape and decreases the stress level

Before you start your workout you need to prepare for this. Here are a few tips:

1. Start by applying wraps to the knuckles and wrist area and remember that this part is essential for the health of your hands on a long term. These wraps are designed to provide support for entire hand and the wrist area.

2. Next it's time for the gloves. Lighter gloves are used by beginners, while heavier gloves are suited for more experienced punchers.

3. Now that you have your gear on, it's time for a warm up. You can do shadow boxing which means punching into thin air, using the reflection in the mirror. Continue with a series of joint rotation exercises and make sure that you are well warmed up before starting your workout. You can also use a jumping rope.

Do you want to buy the right equipment for you punching bag workout? Here are our recommendations:

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After you have done all of this, you are ready for your punching bag workout. Check out the videos below to see some of the most popular workouts from YouTube.

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3. 10-Minute HIIT Punch Bag Workout

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