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How to take care of your skin before and after a workout

One of the best things that we can do for our body is to work out. Any sport activity is beneficial for our health and for our self confidence. Also exercising is great for our skin, because while we work out, oxygenated blood is pumped to our face, our circulation is boosted and the stress from our daily life is reduced. But in order to enjoy all of these benefits we need to know how to take care of our skin before and after working out, so here are some advice you might want to follow.

Wash your face

1. Let's start wit the hair: you might think that putting your hair up in a ponytail or a bun before working out is just a matter of comfort but in reality it's much more. Our hair contains natural oils and hair care products and styling products that when we exercise can get on our face because of the sweat. As a result, your pored get clogged leading to many skin problems. So all you have to do is put your hair up, and don't forget about your bangs also.

2. No make up while exercising: many women don't want to be makeup free in a public place, but remember that is in your best interest. When you exercise you sweat and all the make up products combined with the sweat can lead to skin irritation, redness, breakouts and blackheads. Just clean your face with a facial wipe or a gentle cleanser and apply some moisturizing cream.

3. Change your sweaty clothes: some people take a shower at the gym right after they exercised but some continue to wear the clothes for the entire day or evening. Wearing sweaty clothes is unpleasant not only for you but for those around you, too. Also you can have breakouts on your back and chest. The best thing is to remove those clothes, take a shower and wear something clean.

4. Wash your face: after exercising you must wash your face and clean all the sweat. You can use a face wipe or a gentle cleanser and of course water. Just like we said before, because of the sweat your pores will get clogged and you will have an ugly breakout on your face. So just take a few minutes and wash your face.

5. Don't forget to moisturize: after washing your face you should also apply a moisturizer because the sweat at the dirt can make your skin dry or get irritated so a product that can sooth the skin is a must. Also, if you are using products for acne or dark spots, you can use them now too.

6. Sunscreen is a must: if you are going for a run or another activity that is outside the gym, make sure you apply sunscreen before leaving your house. Most of us think that sunscreen is good only for the sunny days, but the truth is that we have to use it every day, even in those cloudy, rainy days.

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