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7 ways to be more active every day

If you don't have time to go at the gym or at the pool, but you still want to be fit and healthy, there are several ways you can incorporate sport into your daily routine. When you are not active, your body can get sick faster and you will not have enough energy. Also, being active improves your memory and your cardiovascular system and will help you sleep better, eliminating the stress and the anxiety. So here are 7 ways to be more active every day!

Office fitness ball

1. Start every morning with some stretching. First your arms, then your back, your knees and your feet. Stay in each position for about 20-30 seconds.

2. Walk: if your job is not very far, walk there. Go to the park, shopping, even walk through the office when you want to say something to a colleague.

3. Don't use the elevator: just take the stairs everywhere you go. It will pump your blood and give you lots of energy.

4. Don't sit to much: if you work in an office, try to get up and walk as much as you can. Also you can replace the chair with a fitness ball that will strengthen your muscles and train your balance.

5. Find a sport related hobby: you can play tennis, squash, football, anything that will take you out of the house and into the nature.

6. You can lose weight while cleaning your home: can you imagine that you can lose up to 300 calories after just one hour of dish washing, cleaning the windows and sweeping the house?

7. Take a break after each hour of working: in this break you can stretch, make some squats or push-ups. After just a few minutes you will feel better and ready to work again.

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