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6 delicious and very healthy pre-workout snack ideas

Before going to the gym you should always eat a snack that will give you that energy to go through an entire exercise program. Don't eat something heavy, just stick to healthy treats. And since there are many things to choose from, it is often pretty hard to decide what to buy or why so I want to give you 6 pre-workout snack ideas. So here they are:

1. Banana

This delicious pre-workout snack is the best choice for you and here's why. A medium sized banana has 27g of carbs, around 100 calories and almost no fat. This means that it will give you the energy for a workout while keeping the hunger away. You can eat it just before you go to gym and even keep it in its own container like this one that you can buy from

2. Oatmeal

This snack is not only delicious but will also give you those quality carbs that your body needs. You can eat it as a breakfast if you are going for an early workout but make sure you give yourself enough time to digest it before starting any sports activity

3. Apples

They have the perfect amount of calories that will fuel your body to keep up with a training session and they are delicious. For a bit of flavor, you can combine them with a bit of cheese but try to keep everything under 200 calories.

4. Greek yogurt

Before going to the gym eat a fat-free Greek Yogurt that has a lot of proteins, it's not heavy and you can eat it on the go. For a better taste, add different toppings like blueberries, raspberries or preserves that are low on sugar.

5. Homemade smoothie

Using your favorite light milk (like the unsweetened vanilla almond milk) or a good fat free Greek yogurt, create a smoothie that you can drink before your workout. Add frozen fruits for a great taste but make sure you keep everything under 150 calories.

6. Protein bars

If fruits or yogurt are not your thing, then you can eat a protein bar. Before buying them there are some things that you should consider. If you want them to be a great pre-workout snack, then they should have a good amount if protein and less than 200 calories. Make sure that the protein bar is also low on sugar and fat.

So which one of these tasty snacks would you like to eat before your workout?

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