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Pussybow blouses are the must have of this autumn

If you are looking for an elegant blouse that you can wear at the office, school, and even when you go out with your friends for a coffee, then we suggest you take a look at the pussybow blouse. You can recognize them because they have a big bow at the neck and they are very chic. To create a beautiful outfit, you can match the pussybow blouse with a pencil skirt or a pair of black pants.

But the office is not the only place where you can wear this type of blouse. Like you will see in the gallery below, a pussybow blouse can be matched with other clothing items that are more casual like a colorful maxi dress or shorts.

If you would like to see how other fashionistas are creating amazing outfits using the pussybow blouse, check out the gallery below.

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