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Pandora friendship charm

Showing your love and your gratitude to someone through a gift can be hard, but the jewelry designers from Pandora have created some beautiful bracelets, that are a perfect way to show your feelings.

Pandora friendship charm

One of the most popular bracelets that they are selling are the friendship ones. The best part is that you can personalize each bracelet by choosing a Pandora friendship charm that will do all the talking for you.

Beside the friendship charm you can also add another charms to make your bracelet even more chic and elegant. Did you know that there are 600 unique Pandora charms made from sterling silver, 14k gold and two-tone that you can choose from? So it's really very simple to create a perfect friendship bracelet to give away.

If you want to create a friendship bracelet for someone special we suggest you choose between the simple Pandora friendship charm that has the message "Best Friends" written on it, or the one with the butterfly that opens in two parts, and both friends can have a half on their bracelet.Depending on the colors you or your friend likes, add more charms to make the bracelet colorful and trendy.

You can wear your Pandora friendship bracelet to any of your outfits, from a casual one to a very sophisticated one. Take it with you at school, shopping or at work and it will remind you one that one very special person, your best friends. And don't forget to check the gallery below where you will find the Pandora friendship charm but also many other cute charms that you might like.

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