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How to wear a little white dress

The little black dress or simply LBD is one of the most popular fashion items, and most women have at least one in their wardrobe. But have you heard about its sister, the little white dress?

Little white dress

Both black and white are two colors that any woman can wear, so it's no wonder that the white version of this loved dress has conquered the hearts of the true fashionistas. And just like the the black one, you can wear the white one almost everywhere you go, in casual, elegant, office or boho chic outfits.

Even though most of us wear our little black dress more at official events, when it comes to the white one things change. The little white dress is the perfect choice for school, for work, for a coffee with your friends, for when you are going to the beach or for a party. If you wear it in the summer time, it will emphasize your tanned skin, but it will also give you and innocent and chic air.

Just like any other dress, you will need to accessories it properly. When you choose your shoes, bag and jewelry, first you must think about what kind of outfit are you trying to create. For a relaxed, casual look opt for sandals with low soles, a small bag and minimalist accessories. Going at the office? A pair of pumps and a blazer will help you keep it elegant. Ready for a party? Put on some strappy sandals and go for a clutch. When it comes to the colors, we suggest you don't wear more than two or three colors with you white dress. Metallic shades are always a good choice and they will also maintain the focus on your dress.

So are you ready to show off your beautiful tan this summer by wearing a little white dress? Find some ideas on how you can successfully incorporate this dress in your daily outfits, in the gallery below.

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