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How to wear a bomber jacket with style

Bomber jackets are a true fashion statement piece and a must have! If you don't already have one in your wardrobe, now is the time to buy one. It fits almost any kind of outfit and it will successfully complete any look. Just like any other jackets, there are many designs that you can choose from, so it's pretty hard not to find one that fits you and your style.

So how do you wear a bomber jacket? Well here are some options for you.

Floral bomber jackets are some of the most popular designs that you can find in the shops today. They are so versatile and you can match them to your favorite jeans, skirts and dresses in order to create modern and trendy casual looks.

Wear the floral bomber jacket with skinny jeans, a white shirt and slip on shoes. Also you can match it to a cute white dress and flat sandals. In the evening, create a special outfit by combining the floral bomber jacket with a pair of white trousers and heels. Even though it's a sport jacket, it will look great in a sophisticated look.

If floral is really not your thing, you can choose another print or a simple bomber jacket, that has only one color. Don't be afraid to experiment and show off your fashionable side. Wear it any time you need a jacket that is both fancy and fashion forward.

And if you are not sure how to match the bomber jacket with the clothes from your wardrobe, you will find some amazing ideas in the gallery below.

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