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Everything you need to know about the boho chic style

The boho chic trend is back in the fashion so today we want to tell you all about it. Inspired by the hippie movement, this style is perfect for those people who have a relaxed and positive approach about life. If you would also like to wear clothes that are boho chic, here are some things that you should know:

Boho chic style

• buy clothing items that are made from natural fabrics like velvet, leather, suede, denim, chiffon or cotton;

• create multi-layered textures by making different combinations. Use a top, a top vest or a bra to create a base layer, and match it with a mini skirt, tight shorts and an oversized cardigan or jacket.

• this style is iconic for being comfortable so choose shoes that are like that: flats, sneakers or low sole sandals;

• go over the top with the accessories. Wear earrings, bracelets, belts, a watch, bands and headbands;

• when it comes to the colors, the boho chic style is best represented by the natural tones and color. Go for brown, black, green, white, grey, beige and soft cream, and stay away from bright colors.

• prints are also very important when it comes to this style so wear printed clothes with confidence. Floral prints, ethnic inspired prints or the ones with eclectic hints are very trendy.

• buy clothes that are oversized, have fringes and flare finishes, that are knitted, crochet and have lace, maxi skirts and big, bold accessories.

And if you want to see some great ideas on how you can put together a great boho chic outfit, check out the gallery below.

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