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Cool sweater and shirt combos to wear in 2016

Sweater and shirt

One of the main trends of 2016 when it comes to fashion is layering so this year you are free to wear as many layers of clothes you want, keeping in mind that you have to stay classy and stylish. And in order to do just that, you must find the right things to combine, so today I want to show you my favorite combination of all time: shirt and sweater.

You can wear this elegant combination any time you want to have a classy look but is also great to keep you warm when the temperatures drop. And because there are many sweater designs to choose from, you can create an outfit that suits your style and your personality in no time.

One of the most popular looks when it comes to this combination is the one where the shirt peeks out from under the sweater, so you must buy a shirt that is a little big longer. If you want to wear this outfit to the office, you can easily tuck the shirt in. Also you can choose a button up sweater that is perfect for work or for a meeting.

And to show you just how cool and trendy is this combination, I've gathered some of my favorite shirt and sweater outfits that I hope will inspire you too.

Photo source: Pinterest

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