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4 trendy vest designs you must have in your wardrobe

The vest is a statement piece that every woman should have in her closet. It is cute, trendy and cool and can completely change an outfit in no time. From denim to leather, vests are a must have! This year there are 4 designs that you can wear if you want to be trendy and we are going to tell you all about them right now!

1. Denim vests: they have been around since for ever, but this year is their year! Not only because they are so cute and easy to wear, but also because 2015 is the year of denim. So how to wear a denim vest? Match it to a short dress and your favorite pair of low sole sandals. If you want to wear it with shorts, add a cute t-shirt and a pair of white sneakers.

2. Leather vest: just like the leather jackets, the vests are a very cool addition to any outfit. Wear them with skinny jeans and high heel shoes. Also you can match it to a delicate blouse, a floral dress or a mini skirt.

3. The maxi vest is a really must have and you have so many options when it comes to this design. For example you can match it with your favorite plaid shirt, some skinny pants or jeans and colorful shoes for a fun, urban look. If you want to take it to the office, match it with a white shirt and a pencil skirt.

4. Fringed vests are back in the trends once more and they can be used to create the perfect boho chic look. It's one of those pieces that lets you experiment, so match it with denim shorts, long dresses or short overalls. It also looks great if you wear it with other fringed clothes and accessories.

If you also have a vest and you are not sure how to wear it, we gathered some great ideas that we hope will inspire you.

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