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What is minky fabric and how can you use it for your projects

Minky fabric

Making things for your kids can be a lot of fun, and they will surely appreciate the thought. From toys to clothes and bedding, you can create all sort of things at home. If you are looking to make a baby blanket that is comforting and soft, we suggest you try minky fabric.

The minky fabric is is a plush, microfiber material that is smooth and can be successfully used for baby blankets, baby clothes and baby accessories. You can compare it with fleece, but the minky fabric is softer and thicker. Because it has a higher quality, this fabric will not loose its colors over time and its warmth will not be decreasing.

Everything related with babies is fun and very colorful so if you want to make a cute and lively baby blanket you have where to choose from. The minky fabric comes in many styles, patterns, prints and colors and you can find over 400 varieties in shops and on internet. The texture of this fabric makes it ideal for babies, because it provides comfort and is ideal as a cuddling object.

The disadvantage of the minky fabric is that it gets dirty pretty fast and you have to clean it all the time. Also you should remember not to iron directly.

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