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Reuse the Pringles cans in a creative way

We usually either throw away or recycle the containers that our snacks come in like the Pringles cans. These delicious chips are a family favorite, but did you know you can reuse the cans and transform them into cute objects and decorations for your home? All you need are some office supplies like glue and scissors and a lot of imagination. So if you have some Pringles cans around your home and you want to create something special than here are our suggestions:

1. Storage containers for your kitchen: instead of buying different containers you can create your own. Take the can, wash it, and decorate it with gift paper and store inside things like cookies, spaghetti, sugar, flour, tea or coffee. Also it makes a good storage space for you cupcakes liners or your straws.

2. Decorative flower vases: if you need some new flower vases but you can't find one that you really like, why not make one yourself? To make sure it the right size, you can cut the can before decorating it. Think about the room you are going to put the vase in and then start working. In the end you will have a beautiful vase and you can tell all your friends and family that you've created it.

3. Desk organizer: it's pretty hard to find a desk organizer that will fit all your needs, especially if you have many things you need to store, like pencils, pens or scissors. Kids should have a really good desk organizer as they have lots of school supplies that they need on their desks all the time. Making a desk organizer from a Pringles it's so easy. All you have to do is cover the cans with a nice, colorful paper and then glue many boxes together to form a stack. Now you have enough space for all you things!

Check out the gallery below to find some other great ideas on how you can reuse the Pringles cans!

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