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How to make delicious fruit popsicles for your family

Summer is fast approaching and besides cold water, we need other tasty snacks to keep the hot weather away. Ice cream is simply delicious but when you don't have the time to go and buy or you simply want to create a healthy option for your family, we suggest you try to make fruit popsicles. They are so delicious and easy to make and your kids are going to love them.

Here's how it works: you need fresh fruits (whatever you like), popsicle molds, water or coconut water. Mash the fruits and make a paste. Add water or coconut water and put the compositions into the mold and put them in the fridge. Leave a few hours or over night and there you go, you have a tasty and healthy dessert.

And if you want to see some cute fruit popsicle ideas, check out the gallery below!

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