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Homemade body butter and lip balm (video tutorial)

Both body butter and lip balm are very important if you want to keep your skin healthy, especially in the cold season. Buying beauty products from the store is an option but the problem is that you don't always know what goes inside them.

The other solution is to make them yourself, at home using natural products. This way you will always know what are you putting on your skin and what goes into your body.

If you want to buy the products to make this recipe at home, here are my recommendations:

raw shea butter


coconut oil

scent oils

I love making beauty products at home so I always go online find new recipes. And just last night I found this amazing DIY body butter and lip balm recipe that is so easy to make. You can use these products or you can give them away as presents to your friends and family.

So are you ready to get started? Check out the video below from WhatsUpMoms to see the recipe:

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