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Give your shoes a makeover with these 18 DIY projects

Shoes are something that we can't go out without and for some, they are a true passion. And even though we always try to find something original, most of the time we have to buy the same designs as everybody else, because the unique ones are very expensive.

Diy shoes

But now we don't have to worry about that anymore. Either you want to be original and you want to stand out, or you need a pair of shoes that will match an outfit,now you can make your own shoes thanks to these DIY projects.

To personalize your own shoes you are going to need some school supplies like scissors, waterproof markers, glue and glitter, but also some fabric dye and small accessories like buttons, studs and other decorative pieces. Before starting, read all there is to know about the process and chose your design. Some of the best shoes to personalize are the white ones because you can apply and color or model on them. Buy cheap white sneakers and completely transform them! Sandals are also great to transform if you choose a colorful scarf that will replace the strap. If you like glitter, paint the shoes with glue and then add colorful glitter. This way you can create a pair of high heels to take at different events like weddings and cocktails. All you have to do is replace the colorful glitter with a silver or a golden one.

Personalized shoes are also a great gift for your family and friends and they can reflect the hobbies and the passions of each individual. And if you need to see some ideas before starting to create your own shoes, check out the gallery below.

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