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DIY projects made with old light bulbs

We all have some old, used light bulbs around the house, right?Most of the time we either recycle them or we simply throw them away, without thinking about what can we do with them after they stopped working. Believe it or not, there are many projects that can help you reuse an old light bulb and turning it into something beautiful, that can be used as a decoration in your home.

So today we want to show you some amazing ideas that we found on the internet, that will show you what you can actually do with an old light bulb. Our favorite is turning the light bulb into a small terrarium that will be the home of some cute little succulent plant, and that can be easily a gift for your friends that are passionate about nature and plants. Also we love the project that helps your create personalized Christmas decorations for which you will need only some basic school supplies.

If you want to see all the projects, just check out the gallery below.

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