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DIY cute hair pins for your little girl

A girl always needs a good hair pin when trying to create a special hairstyle, but we don't always find something that we like or is appropriate. But now we can make our own hair pins and let me tell you that is very simple and cheap. You can make personalized hair pins for all your clothes and they also make a good gift for your friends and family.

To create your own hair pins you are going to need some simple black hair pins, glue or hot glue and different small accessories that you can put on your hair pins like buttons, bows, beads or pompons. All you need to do is glue the accessory you like on the black hair pin. Now you have a beautiful hair accessory!

If black is not your color, it's ok! All you need to do is paint the pins in different colors, using nail polish. You can paint them in one or many color, make different models, like stripes or spots. And this is how you can transform some boring hair pins into some modern and cute hair accessories!

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