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Bendigo Woollen Mills

Finding the best wool for your crochet and knitting projects can be difficult, especially if you are looking for something that has a good quality. One of out favorite places to buy wool is the Bendigo Woollen Mills in Australia.

Bendigo wool

Located in the historic mining town of Bendigo in Central Victoria, the company was started in 1984 by two local families. It is Australia's largest hand knitting and crafting yarn mail order manufacturer, and has an impressive variety of yarns and colors that you can choose from.

When it comes to their yarn they only use the most luxurious natural fibers and their method of hank dyeing results in a softer, fuller end product. Every year, the mill produces between 80 - 100 tones of yarn, using wool that is Australian grown from the NSW Highlands region. They also produce yarn with other popular fibers like Mohair, Angora, Alpaca, Cotton and Silk.

The Bendigo Woollen Mills also has a very interactive website that is great not only for online shopping but also for finding new ideas for your future projects. There is a special section where you can find free patterns and if you would like to buy products that are made from the wool they produce, check out the garments section.

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