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10 ingenious ways to reuse food containers

We all have them, they are all around our homes and most of the times we just throw them away without giving them a second look. Yes, we are talking about the food and drink containers. But have you ever thought about reusing them, transforming them into something that you might actually need around your house? Believe it or not, many people gave up buying decorative things like flower vases or pots, or useful stuff like kitchen containers and they are making them all, from things they don't use anymore like bottles and jars. You can be one of those people and all you need is a little imagination and some basic supplies. So here are 10 ingenious ways to reuse food and drink containers.

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1. Make flower vases from glass bottles: this idea is so cute and chic and it will be that perfect touch when it comes to decorating your bathroom or your living room. Depending on the bottle, you can put one or more flowers, and we guarantee that the space will look better in no time and with no effort.

2. Make a liquid soap container from an old bottle: if you need a permanent soap container in your bathroom but you can find one that you really like, try making one at home. Just take an old bottle and put a plastic dispenser lid and there you go, you have an original piece.

3. Turn a tin can into... well, into a lot of things! An old tin is such a versatile piece and you can use it for so many projects. Here are just a few. You can make a flower vase if you paint is or add some stickers. You can also turn it into a flower pot for your garden. Use it in the kitchen as a container (just add a plastic lid) or cut it and make cookie cutters. Use it in your office to help you store crayons and pens.

4. What about the wine-bottle caps? Can you believe that you can make candles out of them? All you need is some wax and a wick and there you go, you have beautiful candles that you can use for your table or in the garden. Also you can make a candle out of many other containers like glass bottles.

5. A bottle cap can be the perfect way to seal an open bag of snacks. Here is how: cut the bottle leaving only the cap and a little plastic from the top. Take the bag, put it through the mouth of the bottle and then seal it with the cap.

6. Transform the milk cartons into storage space. You can store everything from crayons to little toys, so if you need some cheap and useful containers for your kids room, you can easily make some in no time.

7. Baby jars can be easily used in your kitchen as containers for your condiments. All you need is a chalkboard paint for the lids. Write the name of every condiment on the lid with white chalk. Simple and effective!

8. If you need a new organizer for you makeup brushes but you can't find one that you like, you can reuse a nice jar from jam or mustard. Find one that has a special feature, like writing or a drawing and after you wash it very good, put it on your vanity alongside your makeup products.

9. Ice popsicle molds: instead of buying molds for your popsicles, use yogurt containers. You will also need some ice cream sticks, that you can buy or reuse from previous ice creams. If you like to recycle ice cream sticks, you can use them also in your herb garden. Write the name of the herbs on the stick and put each of them in the herb's pot.

10. Soda bottle organizer: if you need an organizer for your small things, you can create one by cutting the bottom of the plastic bottles and painting them with your favorite color. You can glue more together to create a container for your hallway.

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