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The detoxification diet

Once in a while, the body needs some time to get rid of the toxins, because when it gets saturated with fat, alcohol and sugar, your metabolism is slowing down. The best way to clean your body of all these unwanted things is to keep a detoxification diet, that will also help you loose some weight. And once the toxins are removed, you will feel and look amazing, and your metabolism will work properly once again.

So here are the principles of the detoxification diet:

Vegetables and fruits are the main foods that will help to eliminate toxins faster and you feel full even if you do not consume more calories. The secret lies in high fiber consumption. You can complete the diet with fewer carbohydrates and protein to support muscle mass. A true detox diet consists in eating for a few days only vegetables and fruit in the form of juices, and many vegetables, but your body might be very stressed because of such a drastic program and release free radicals. Therefore, it is good to have a balanced diet.

Start the diet on the weekend to see how your body feels during these two days. If everything is ok, keep the diet for a week, eating fruit, vegetables, fish and beef.

After the diet do not suddenly return to your old diet. Eat bread and potatoes at most once a day and stay away from sweets. Gradually add pasta or rice or fatty foods: cream, cheese or sausages.

Basic Menu


• 1 cup of green tea

• 1 yogurt with a teaspoon of dried fruits (almonds, walnuts, pistachios)

• 1 banana / 1 orange /1 apple


• 1 fruit or the equivalent of a cup (orange, pineapple, pomelo) or a glass of green leaves and kiwi smoothie


• 1 cup of vegetable soup

• 150 g of steamed / oven / grill fish and garnish


• 1 kiwi or a green tea


• 1 and a quarter cup cooked rice or quinoa and a salad (lettuce, cucumbers, onions, tomatoes) or cooked spinach.

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