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10 fruits you can eat if you are on a diet

All fruits contain sugar so before eating them you should know for sure how many calories they have. But if you are on a diet or you just want to keep your silhouette, there are fruits that you can without any fear. So here the 10 fruits that you can eat any time.

Grapefruit: it is one of the most popular fruits and has a lot of benefits for your body. It is low in calories and contains vitamin C. Grapefruit is ideal if you are on a diet because it helps your metabolism to burn more fat. You can eat it at any time of the day, but not more than two fruits per day. You can eat it with a spoon of honey.

Fruits are delicious!

Avocado: it is one of the fattest fruits, but is full of omega 9. You should eat a quarter of an avocado per day and you will feel and look amazing!

Lemon: this little yellow fruit can detoxify your liver and is full of vitamin C.You can make a drink from a lemon, warm water and honey, to help your digestive system and to boost your immunity.

Coconut: even though it has more calories than other fruits, it is rich in fibers and we all know how important fibers are. Also it will improve the function of your liver and your thyroid. Consume 2-3 tablespoons of shredded coconut every day, ideal at breakfast.

Watermelon: this delicious seasonal fruit is rich in water and low in carbohydrates. If you want to detoxify your body, watermelon is your alley.

Pears: make sure that these fruits are always in your menu. Eat them in the morning, because they are full of fibers and have more carbohydrates than other fruits. So you should eat one pear every day.

Berries: you can either eat the fresh or frozen. They are powerful antioxidants and are rich in fibers that will banish the hunger for many hours. That's why you should eat them in the morning, with or as your breakfast.

Oranges: most of us drink a glass of orange juice every day but that's a mistake if you are on a diet. A medium orange has about 60 calories so you can eat about two of them every day. Not only it's nutritious but also will give your body a boost of immunity and will help you fight different illnesses.

Bananas: if you have problems with your cholesterol you should eat more of this fruit. It has lots of fibers, so eat it in the morning like the pears and the berries.

Tomatoes: they are rich in lycopene, the antioxidants that help you burn fat while fighting against the free radicals. It is great both in salads or in a cooked meal, and you should eat it every day!

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