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Colored mascara makeup ideas

The black mascara is one of those makeup products that all women should have in their makeup kit, together with your favorite eye shadow, concealer, or liner. But if you want to create a special makeup that will enhance the beauty of your eyes, we suggest you try the colored mascara.

You can find colored mascara in any possible colors and shades, so it's pretty hard not to find one that you like. If you want to wear it in the day time, you can choose a shade that is lighter and that also goes great with your eye shadow. For the evening, if you go to a party or another special event, you can choose a colored mascara that has a bright and vibrant color. And since metallic shades are back in the trends you can also buy a golden or silver mascara that will make any makeup really special.

So, would you like to try a colored mascara? Which color would you choose? We found some great ideas on how you can incorporate it into your makeup and you can find them all in the gallery below.

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