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Chic serenity hairstyles to wear in 2016

If you are looking for a change when it comes to your hairstyle, then I have some great ideas for you. Since 2016 will be represented by two beautiful pastel colors, light pink and baby blue, you can use them as an inspiration for your next hairstyle. I already showed you how you can wear the rose quartz color on your nails and hair so now I want to show you how you can use the serenity color in order to create a great look.

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Since baby blue is a pastel color, it will be pretty easy to wear with any of your clothes and accessories, so you should give it a try. For a special hairstyle, you can use the serenity shade in combination with other shades of blue, for an ombre hairstyle.

And in the gallery below you will see some of my favorite serenity hairstyles that I hope will inspire you to make a change in 2016!

Photo source: Pinterest

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