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Beautiful smokey eyes makeup ideas

Smokey eyes is one of the most popular makeup techniques and that's why, over the years it become better and prettier. Makeup artists all over the world are trying to reinvent this beauty favorite and we must say it works! Today, even if you are not to handy when it comes to makeup, you can create a beautiful smokey eyes makeup at home, just by watching a tutorial on the internet.

You can wear this type of makeup when you go to an official event, a party, a cocktail, a wedding or at a prom, so it's mainly something that you should wear at night, but some versions can be worn in the day time as well. And, if in the beginning smokey eyes makeup was made with darker colors like grey, brown and black, today you can use beautiful bright colors like green, blue, pink or purple to help you create the perfect makeup. And the best part about smokey eyes is that it will never go out of style. So find the one idea that looks good on you and we guarantee you will receive a lot of compliments.

And if you are looking for some beautiful smokey eyes makeup ideas, make sure you check out the gallery below.

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