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Spring wedding favors

Favors are a very important part of every wedding because they are that one thing that guests take with them when they go home. So make sure you choose something that represents your wedding but also you as a couple. If you are planning a spring wedding, you have many things to choose from. For example you can give little flower vases, flower pots with different spring flowers, salt shakers in the shape of birds, candles, a box with little candies, cupcakes or a hand fan. Honey or a homemade jam are also two good ideas if you are looking for something sweet.

If you have a little imagination and you are handy, you can even make your own spring wedding favors. Find the perfect idea, buy all the supplies you need and start working. You can invite your bridesmaids to help you or your friends. Handmade favors are always appreciated by the guests because they are original.

And if you need some inspiration before choosing the wedding favors for your spring celebration, you will find some great ideas in the gallery below.

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