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2016 Rosa Clara’s bridal collection

Some brides like to keep things very traditional on their wedding day, starting with their dress and ending with the reception. And this is because they cherish that timeless feeling that a traditional wedding gives. If you are a traditional bride who wants her special day to be both elegant and glamorous, then today I want to show you a wedding dress collection that will help you achieve that.

The Rosa Clara’s bridal collection for 2016 is beautiful, elegant and glamorous, emphasizing the personal style of each bride, while retaining the timeless beauty of a traditional wedding dress. And even though the dresses are inspired by the looks of some retro beauties like Audrey Hepburn, they are perfect for the modern brides. Because it was inspired by the cherry blossoms and by the beauty of spring, the Rosa Clara’s bridal collection features many floral details but also some unique and chic necklines, beautiful sleeves, wonderful silhouettes and amazing bead work. The materials used for this collection are crepe, muslin, mikado and silk organza, fabrics that capture best the beauty and the elegance of a traditional wedding dress. Lace is of course a big part of this collection alongside the rhinestone embellishments

And in the gallery below you can see some of my favorite designs from the 2016 Rosa Clara’s bridal collection that I hope you will like just as much!

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