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Shrimp tempura

Tempura is one of the most popular dishes served all around the globe. It is delicious, nourishing and it's actually very easy to prepare. The recipe comes from Japan, where people adore to eat it this dish. So what is tempura all about? Well, the answer is very simple. To prepare tempura at home, you will need some seafood or vegetables, ingredients for the tempura and oil.

Shrimp tempura

One of our favorite tempura recipe is of course the shrimp tempura. It's so good and tender and it's ready in no time. So if you are looking for a dish to try this weekend, than you should cook it too.

Shrimp tempura recipe


• 10 large shrimps

• corn starch

• oil for deep frying

Tempura batter:

• 1 cup egg and water (this means you need 1 large egg from the fridge and 200 ml of cold water)

• 1 cup (240 ml) of flour

Tempura Sauce:

• 200 ml of dashi

• 3 table spoons of soy sauce

• 2 table spoons of mirin

• 2 tea spoons of sugar

• 1 daikon radish, grated

Here's how you cook it:

We start with the tempura sauce. For this, you need to combine the dashi, the mirin, the soy sauce and the sugar in a saucepan. Bring them to boil and then lower the heat until the sugar has dissolved. Set aside.

In a deep fryer or the pan you usually fry, heat the oil. While the oil is getting hot prepare the tempura by sifting the flour in a bowl. Put the egg in cold water and whisk it. Pour over the flour and mix the batter. Dust the shrimps with corn starch and then dip them in batter. Deep fry them until they turn golden and take them out on a paper towel. Serve them with tempura sauce and grated daikon radish. Enjoy!

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