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Burn 200 calories in 20 minutes by jumping rope

How would you like to burn a few hundred calories in half an hour, without having to go to the gym, while also having a lot of fun? It may sound too good to be true, but this scenario is entirely plausible using an object that cost little, fits in a bag and helps you tone your entire body: the jumping rope.

Losing weight with the jumping rope

Even if it seems a child's play, jumping rope can burn more calories than you think - more than 10 per minute, while strengthening your leg muscles, buttocks, abs and arm muscles. Thus, in just 20 minutes of jumping rope fitness, burn 200 calories, the equivalent of a chocolate bar. So to loose one kilogram/ about 2 pounds per week, you have to either jump rope for half an hour a day and cut 400 calories from your diet. Sounds simple, right?

Fitness exercises with a jumping rope

Jumping rope

There are numerous programs for jumping rope, that will help you burn fat in no time. In just 15 minutes of jumping, you will burn over 150 calories, you will work all major muscle groups and improve your balance. You have to start every move with knees slightly bent, holding the rope handles on the hips and the palms facing the body. Jump with your knees relaxed and a straight trunk. Here is a program that you can try:

1 minutes: base jumping - get the rope over your head and jump over it when it reaches your legs. You should not jump very high, but enough to pass the rope. Land on both feet. Rest for one minute.

1 minutes: bounce while alternating legs - as if the previous movement, only instead landing on both feet, land first on the right, then the left. Rest for one minute.

2 minutes: jumping combinations - repeat previous exercise 8 times, then continue with eight base jumping. Rest for one minute, then repeat the entire sequence again.

1 minutes: high jump - repeat the exercise 2, but this time get you knee up at 90 degrees. Take a break for a minute.

5 minutes: resistance jumping - you can either do the first exercise or the second one, or alternate them, to get to 600 jumps in total. If it's to hard, you can do one minute of effort, followed by a minute's pause, for 5 sets.

The next set of exercises with a fitness rope require greater physical strength. It takes only 20 minutes in total and must be done three to five times a week to give the best results, being very effective for removing fat from the abdomen.

5 minutes: base jumping in a steady rhythm. Try not to raise your shoulder blades or jump too high, in order not to create too much pressure on the joints. The rope must be moved from the wrists.

45 seconds: bring your elbows under the shoulders, the thumbs on the same level with the nose, maintaining the same distance between shoulders and legs. Pull your navel inside, keep your feet tight all the time and breathe deeply.

2 minutes: jump on one leg then another for 30 seconds each. Repeat the sequence and try to change the foot without stopping.

2 minutes: perform continuous base jumping, as quickly as possible, keeping the torso straight.

45 seconds: put your palms on the floor, at the same level with your shoulders, your knees at the same level with your hips. Stretch your left leg and lift it until your hip and your right hand up until the right ear. Return to starting position and repeat with the right leg stretches and left hand. Keep your shoulders relaxed and your abdomen tense.

Repeat the entire set of exercises.

The digital fitness rope

If you want to know exactly how many calories you burn while jumping rope or how many jumps you made, then you might be interested in a digital fitness rope. It has a sensor and a display on one of the handles. You just have to press a few buttons and you'll be able to see your workout without counting calories. Certain variants of this gadget give you the possibility of introducing weight or see the energy consumption accurately. The most expensive models are designed without the rope itself, using only the handle to monitor jumps.

The fitness jumping rope is an object that should not miss from the home of someone who wants to keep fit. Not only it is accessible and can be transported anywhere, but is also very effective in both fat burning and in maintaining cardiovascular health. With so many advantages, fitness rope can become the best friend of anyone who is passionate about fitness.

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