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The sport dress is the must have of this summer!

Most women love to wear dresses and that's why designers try to create new models every year. From elegant to casual, there are so many designs that it's practically impossible you will not find one for you.This year, the sport dresses have made a comeback and are actually a must-have!

So here is a list of the sport dresses you should wear this year to make sure you are following the fashion trends:

1. The shirt dress it's actually one of the coolest pieces of fashion you can wear in 2015! Before buying one remember that a dress in a darker color will make you look slimmer, while one in a brighter shade will give the impression of volume.

2. The striped dress is something that keeps on coming back every year and we love it! You can wear it at school, at work or at the beach with a pair of flats or sandals. For a cute touch, put a belt around your waist!

3. Maxi dresses are one of those things that all women should have in their closet. This year you will look sophisticated if you wear a maxi dress made from cotton that has a cutout on one side. Take it to work, take it to the beach, you will feel and look amazing!

4. A minimalist dress is a great choice for the girls who don't like to dress up. Still they will give you an edgy look, while making you feel comfortable.

Opt for darker colors that will make you look slimmer match it with a pair of modern shoes.

5. Sport inspired dresses are so cute and easy to wear! You have two options: a tennis inspired dress and a basketball inspired one.

The first one you can take with you while you do sport related activities, like going in the park for a stroll on your bike.

The second one you should wear every time you want a sophisticated yet relaxed look. It looks great with a pair of sneakers, even those high ones.

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