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All women should have a Goyard tote

Behind every great name in fashion we can find a great story about hard work, talent and commitment. And this is no different when it comes to Goyard. Many of you might not even heard about this luxurious brand and that's why today, we want to tell you all about them and their fabulous bags.

Goyard tote

A little bit of history

The story of Goyard starts in 1792, when a man called Pierre-François Martin founded the House of Martin. They specialized in box-making, trunk-making and packing and soon became the favorite of the French aristocracy, being granted the prestigious tittle of official purveyor of HRH Marie-Caroline de Bourbon-Siciles, Duchess of Berry.

Pierre François Martin was the guardian of young woman, Pauline and he arranged for her to marry one of his employees, Louis-Henri Morel, giving him also his business. In 1845, Morel hires François Goyard as an apprentice and when he suddenly dies in 1852, Goyard takes over. He remains at the hel of the house for 32 years until 1885 when he hands over the reins to his son Edmond.

Goyard today

The legacy of Goyard is still very alive. And even though they don't advertise, they don't sell online, they have very few locations and very few stockists, they remain one of the most popular bag creators. The house has no contact with the press and they firmly believe in discretion and exclusivity. While competing with names like Gucci and Channel, Goyard kept their reputation by focusing on artisanal craftsmanship in one product category, which actually explains why there are such few products to purchase.

And if you are looking for bags that are well made, that is original and beautiful, Goyard is the place to go. And while the prices are pretty high, you can make sure that the bag you are about to purchase is not mass made but hand made with love and attention to even the smallest details.

Check out the gallery below to see some of our favorite Goyard tote bags worn by our favorite celebrities.

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