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DIY Christmas tree ideas (part 1)

The Christmas tree is the symbol of this beautiful holiday but not everybody likes to have one in their home. Some people also like to get away from the traditional route of buying a natural tree and choose to either take an artificial one of make one themselves using unconventional materials.

To make your own Christmas tree you will need a lot of imaginations and some materials that don't really make you think about Christmas but the result will be amazing. Also think about the fact that you are protecting the nature while making something unique.

In the last years, more and more people choose to make their own Christmas trees using different things like wood, books, paper, Christmas lights or pieces of cardboard. And I must say that they all look amazing. If you would also like to create your own DIY Christmas tree, then check out the gallery below where we have gathered a lot of ideas that we hope will really inspire you.

Photo source: Pinterest

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