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Tips and ideas for a perfect summer makeup

In the summer time, the weather is so hot that sometimes we find it very hard to wear makeup all day long. That's why, makeup artists suggest we have a more natural approach when it comes to makeup. Keep in mind that natural doesn't mean no makeup, but to use less products and colors that we choose for our eyes and lips should be toned down.

But summer is the season of holidays and happiness, so every time you go out with your friends or at a party, you can mix thing up and wear bold colors like pink, red, green, orange or yellow.

Summer makeup

Any makeup you choose, just remember that the hot weather is affecting your skin so make sure you take care of it everywhere you go.

We have gathered some very trendy and fresh makeup ideas for you to try this summer but before, we want to give you some tips that will help you look and feel amazing every time you go outside.

1. Let your face breath: because the weather is so hot we sweat a lot. To feel fresh and cool, forget about the foundation and use only a concealer. It will hide all your imperfections and let your skin breath.

2. Don't forget about your lips: the sun if the greatest enemy of your lips. Use a tinted lip balm that will not only protect them but will also give you a nice look.

3. Use sunscreen every time you leave your home! It's so important to protect your skin not only when you go to the beach but also when you go outside for your daily activities.

4. Waterproof is the key word when it comes to your makeup! Since in the summer time we sweat a lot, a good waterproof mascara can make a difference. If you really like your normal one, just add a layer of waterproof mascara after you applied your normal one.

5. Natural vs. color: indeed is a great dilemma! We suggest you choose lighter shades of the eye shadow and lipstick you normally use for the daytime and bright, happy colors for the nighttime or when you go to the beach. Also you can bring a touch of color to your face, by using a nice pink or peach blush.

6. Don't overuse the bronzer: this is one of those tricks that women use to look more tanned but you should be very careful. Apply it only on those places where the sun touches you, like the chin, forehead and nose.

And now that you know all the tips, check out the gallery below where you will find some very cute ideas that we hope will help you create your own summer makeup.

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