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The Pom Pom nail trend

Spring is finally here so if you are looking for a new fun nail trend that you can try, then I have the perfect suggestion for you: the pom pom nails.

When we think about pom poms we think about color, texture and a lot of fun, so why not use them to create special manicure designs? And even though it might sound hard to pull off, the pom pom nail trend is actually really easy to achieve. There are many ways that you can use pom poms in a manicure. For example you can create a fun nail art by painting your nails and adding some small pom poms as details. You can use bigger pom poms for a great visual effect or smaller ones in order to bring a different texture to your nails. Choose some that are colorful or some monochromatic ones, making sure that they fit with the color of your outfit.

The only bad thing about this kind of manicure is that it doesn't last very long, especially because pom poms get wet. But I think that it's a great choice if you want to create a fun manicure that you can wear at a party or a coffee with your friends. And to show you just how cute the pom pom manicure is, I've gathered some adorable ideas and you can see them all in the gallery below!

(photo source: Google Images)

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