your new best friend

Stiletto nails are the must have of this summer!

Stiletto nails are the new must have of 2015! They got their name after the famous stiletto shoes, and women all around the world are giving them a try. So why are the stiletto nails so popular? Well, it must be because of their elongated shape that resemble a stiletto heel. You can wear them everywhere you go, just choose a color or a print that represent you and your style. If you want to wear them at the office, you can opt for stiletto nails that are colored in a neutral color, like white, black, grey or nude.

But the best way to wear them is to choose a bold and modern print, even a negative space manicure that will enhance the beauty of these nails.

So do you want to try the stiletto nails this year? If the answer is yes, just take a look at these ideas!

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