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Six hair colors and techniques you must try in 2016

2016 Hair color

I already showed you which hairstyles are going to be trendy in 2016, so now it's time to talk about the colors. The big winners this year are again red and blonde, and they come in some shades that are perfect for anybody. So here are the top six hair colors that you can wear in 2016.

1. In 2015 it seems that everybody was wearing balayage so it's no wonder that this combination between tones of blonde and brown will be trendy in 2016 as well. This hair coloring technique makes your hair look like it has been natural bleached and it looks great on any hair type. I think that this is a great option for those ladies that have a darker hair and what to give it a more lighter look.

2. The cuivre red hair color will be very trendy in 2016 but you shouldn't wear it unless you have a pale skin. And that's because this color has some pretty vibrant shades that will emphasize the pale shade of your face. Also, the cuivre red is a good color to try if you have medium length hair.

Hairstyles 2016

3. If red is not your favorite color, but you really like blonde, then in 2016 you should try the buttery blonde shade. This color is warm and it will look great if you have light or medium tone pearl complexion.

4. For those women who have a fair warm skin tone, in 2016 stylish are recommending that they wear the strawberry blonde shade. This shade is actually a blonde that has some golden and reddish tones so is really pretty and fresh.

5. In 2016 a new color combination will be very popular and its name is ronze. This shade is a mix between copper red and bronze brown. You can try it no matter what kind of skin tone you have but keep in mind that a pale skin goes well with a brighter shade of ronze, and dark skin goes great with deeper shades of ronze.

6. The last color that will be trendy in 2016 is also a combination, this time between two hair coloring techniques: ombre and balayge. Called ecaille, this technique looks more like ombre but without the harsh lines that we are used to, making any hairstyle more sophisticated.

So which colors would you like to try and why? Check out the gallery below to see how these colors and techniques look!

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