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How to use makeup when you are wearing glasses

The frames and the lenses make the intensity of the eye shadow fade, so if you are wearing glasses you should know that the best makeup for you is either very intense of very natural.  Also the choice of the frames is extremely important. They should fit the face, have a good form and their color should work well with your skin type.

Black frames

The frames that are most popular are black, but black is a dark and hard color so you could choose instead brown, another dark color, that is much milder. But this season colorful frames are very trendy. If you choose a frame in a playful color, it is essential to respect the contrast,  the difference between your hair and your skin color. If the contrast is greater, the frames may have more intense colors.

Makeup for glasses

Choosing the right makeup that will not only look good with your glasses but also with all of your features can be pretty difficult but here are some rules that you should follow in order to create a successful look.

Some types of lens reduce the eye, so the task is to outline. Here are a few tricks we use for this. Applying a light and sparkly blush on the arch, under the eyebrow, drawing a thin line of ink on the base of the eyelashes, that goes beyond the corner of the eye, bending and lengthening the eyelashes are just some quick tricks that make your eyes look bigger. A makeup concealer is required so you can hide the dark circles. When wearing glasses, the hue of the concealer should be lighter than your foundation. Don't forget to contour your eyebrows.

Blue or green metallic frames

Green, pale yellow, cinnamon brown, pink, brown, these colors match those who have blond or brown hair, white skin and those with darker skin. Cold and iridescent shades invigorate the skin and give the face a bright look. Our tip: opt for gray, black or purple eye shadow, which emphasizes the metallic appearance.

Gold or marbled frames

These two colors along side green, brown, white matte and pearl gray, fit all those who have dark brown or blond hair and pale skin. Our advice: orange, salmon pink or shades of plum enhance the contrast and give the eyes more depth. You can use a plum mascara too.

Red or orange frames

Or the dark brown, burgundy, dark khaki, chocolate and green, are ideal options for those with black hair, dark brown or red hair and fair skin. Our advice: use shades of brown, beige or khaki color to alleviate the frame and create harmony between the shades!

Makeup for glasses

Black or silver frames

There are the classic choices, which can wear any shade of makeup. If the frames are thinner, makeup can be more powerful, and if the frames are thick and covers a large area, must not overdo makeup, neutral and natural shades will create a perfect look.

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